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Parrish Dobson

Fine Art Color and
Black and White Photography

Places of Memory

Black & White and Color Images from Europe

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These photographs are places to stand, points from which to begin contemplation. Some are pure landscape; some are the facades or interiors of ancient buildings, tombs, monasteries, chateaux, or abandoned gardens in Italy, France and Greece. Humans have lived a long time on this planet. And as Simon Schama suggests in Landscape and Memory, there are very few areas on the earth that have not been altered by humans. As we hurtle into the 21st century, I am looking here at what was made, thought, felt centuries ago. I have a special fascination with Romanesque and Cistercian Architecture: both are elegant, simple, solid. But I also found the pathways and deteriorating buildings and gardens full of a kind of speaking. My photographs in this series ask these questions: who has come before me? can I hear them now? where shall I stand? what shall I dream? when will I die? shall I walk down this path or that one? The black and white images were made with a medium format film camera, a tripod, and printed in my darkroom on silver-based papers. The color images were made with a high-end digital camera and printed archivally.